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Shaohua Liu, Ph.D.

Shaohua Liu


Dr. Liu joined West Physics in December 2014 to pursue his professional career in Medical Physics where he is currently a Medical Physicist. Before that, Dr. Liu worked in the University of Kentucky Accelerator Laboratory on a DOE (Department of Energy)-funded project to measure the neutron scattering cross sections on 54Fe for advanced nuclear reactor design. He also had worked in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for three years on a DOE-funded R&D project to build the US first-ever ultra high resolution, multi-reflection time-of-flight nuclear isobar/isomer spectrometer and separator to provide pure rare isotope beams. Dr. Liu had spent four years obtaining his Ph.D. degree in Nuclear Physics from Vanderbilt University. Dr. Liu had his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Physics from Beijing Normal University.

Dr. Liu has been interested in Medical Physics for a long time since his graduate studies in China. Dr. Liu had a summer internship in 2004 at the National Institute for Radiological Protection, China CDC to participate in the development of a 3D automatic scanning water tank system for quality assurance for medical linear accelerators and Gamma knives. Dr. Liu also studied the radiation mechanism of the low-energy heavy ions with biological samples. Moreover, Dr. Liu has had extensive teaching experience at different levels and has been of great interest in helping people understand and enjoy science and technology, especially educating the public of nuclear radiation.

Dr. Liu is originally from Qingdao (Tsingtao), Shandong Province, China.


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physics – Vanderbilt University
  • Master of Science in Physics – Vanderbilt University
  • Master of Science in Physics – Beijing Normal University
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics – Beijing Normal University


  • American Association of Physicists in Medicine
  • American Physical Society


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Corey J. Ginetz, M.S.

Corey Ginezt


Mr. Ginetz attended the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Nuclear and Radiological Engineering. As an undergraduate, his research focused on neutron shielding design as well as the biological effects of radiation utilizing Monte Carlo simulations. Following the completion of his undergraduate degree, Mr. Ginetz then continued his studies at Georgia Tech, achieving a Master’s degree from its CAMPEP-accredited Medical Physics program. During his graduate training, his research efforts ranged from Compton spectroscopy to determining myocardial defect detectability in nuclear medicine imaging.

Mr. Ginetz is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio.


  • Master of Science in Medical Physics – Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Nuclear and Radiological Engineering – Georgia Institute of Technology

Mike Timmerman, M.S.

Mike Timmerman


Mr. Timmerman joined West Physics after completion of his Master of Science in medical physics at Hofstra University. His degree program involved intensive classroom and hands-on clinical experience in all areas of medical physics, including diagnostic medical physics, nuclear medical physics, medical health physics, and therapeutic medical physics. Mr. Timmerman received his Bachelor of Science in physics from Hofstra University, where he graduated summa cum laude. During his years as an undergraduate student, Mr. Timmerman completed a research project in condensed matter physics under a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy; his research employed optics and semiconductor physics in order to analyze the possible use of cadmium selenide in the fabrication of highly efficient solar energy cells. While at Hofstra University, Mr. Timmerman also served as an adjunct professor of physics, teaching undergraduate calculus based physics courses to physics and engineering students.

Mr. Timmerman is originally from Huntington, New York.


  • Master of Science in Medical Physics – Hofstra University
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics – Hofstra University

Emily J. Chasteen, M.S.

Emily Chasteen


Ms. Chasteen is a graduate of Vanderbilt University’s CAMPEP-accredited Diagnostic Medical Physics program. While in Nashville, Emily gained clinical training at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and satellite facilities as well as Tennessee Valley Healthcare System Department of Veterans Affairs. Ms. Chasteen also participated in an investigation of organ doses from CT scans in pediatric patients. She helped create a new generation of reference computational image-based phantoms designed for dose calculations for a variety of ages and weight percentiles. Prior to her graduate studies, Emily attended Furman University where she was graduated with a bachelors of science in physics, magma cum laude. During this time Emily researched fiber optic cable production and laser speckle imaging.

Ms. Chasteen is originally from Tucker, Georgia.


  • Master of Science in Medical Physics, Diagnostic Imaging – Vanderbilt University
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics – Furman University


Wang D, Chasteen EJ, Onyeuku C. “Spectral Analysis of Dynamic Laser Speckle Patterns by Using a Full-field Temporal Modulation Method.” Optica Applicata. 43(4); 2013.