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X-Ray Shielding Design & Verification

We are proud to offer x-ray shielding design and verification services for diagnostic radiology facilities – for everything from single rooms to entire radiology wings with multiple modalities, including nuclear medicine. Whether you are pursuing new construction or considering modifications or new equipment installations, West Physics can support you with expert advice and prompt turn-around.

All of our x-ray radiation shielding designs are performed by fully-licensed, board-certified health physicists and will meet the latest industry standards, as well as the specific requirements of the country, state and municipality in which your facility is located. West Physics tracks these regulatory requirements and will ensure that your shielding design and/or verification meet them perfectly. For patient and worker safety as well as for liability protection, we understand that our clients must have total confidence in the accuracy and reliability of such an important radiation protection measure – West Physics provides that confidence with experience and expertise.

Our shielding verifications (aka shielding integrity surveys or radiation protection surveys) are comprehensive and meticulous, ensuring our clients that their shielding was installed correctly and according to plan. Some of the most respected medical institutions in the world have counted on West Physics for this important service and we are proud to offer it worldwide.

Here are some key features of our Shielding Design and Verification services:

  • We understand the regulatory requirements for shielding in every jurisdiction and can provide expert consultation to our clients on meeting these requirements
  • We are experienced at providing shielding services globally
  • We offer prompt turnaround and expedited service on demand
  • We work directly with planners, architects, and/or contractors to advise on shielding, layout, and construction options
  • We have experienced technologists on staff to advise on floor plans, if requested
  • Our prices are fair and our results are guaranteed

If you have questions about these services or about shielding requirements in your particular area, or if you would like a no-obligation quote, please contact us today.

MRI Safety Services

West Physics offers a full range of MRI Safety Services to hospitals and imaging centers, including MRI Safety Training and MRI Safety Audits. Proper magnetic safety training for MRI staff is essential to preventing life-threatening accidents and/or costly equipment damage, as well as to reducing medical facility liability. Accrediting organizations like the ACR, IAC, and Joint Commission also highly recommend that individuals working within an MRI environment (Zone III and Zone IV) have documented annual training in MRI safety. West Physics provides both on-site and off-site MRI safety training options for technologists, nurses, anesthesia staff and ancillary personnel and we can even perform this training during your routine annual medical physics survey of the MRI unit.

While staff training is certainly an important component of MRI safety, every MRI facility should also have – at least once – a full on-site MRI safety audit by a qualified expert. The MRI safety audit provides a tangible way for your facility to identify and correct any issues that can potentially cause a safety incident. Our safety audit (which also includes training for your staff) can help you prevent potentially dangerous items from entering the magnet bore, causing patient injury or death. All it takes is one incident like this to change lives forever — investing in a little bit of prevention today can save facilities from tragic consequences in the future. Here are some of the features of our MRI Safety Auditing service:

  • Establishes a baseline safety preparedness profile of your facility.
  • Assesses MRI site layout, access control and signage to ensure compliance.
  • Assesses training of technologist, physician and ancillary staff.
  • Assesses foreign material detection capabilities and procedures.
  • Measures area MRI magnetic field strengths to confirm proper zoning.
  • Assesses policy and procedure documents for any operational gaps.
  • Establishes and demonstrates a proactive commitment to MRI safety.
  • Provides a marketing edge as a facility with a “Certified MRI Safety Program”.
  • Mitigates your facility’s risk exposure.
  • Increases peace of mind for your facility.

In addition to consulting feedback during the audit, your facility will also receive a complete and detailed MRI Safety Audit Report shortly after the conclusion of the audit, and once any findings are properly addressed, will be awarded our “Certified MRI Safety Program” facility designation.

All of our MRI safety auditing and training services are provided by highly qualified and experienced MRI safety experts. In conclusion, our safety auditing and training services will not only reduce the possibility of an event at your facility and ensure your facility’s compliance with accrediting bodies; it will also distinguish your facility for its commitment to patient safety.

Please contact us today for a no-obligation quote.